Permitting for Shade Structures

Whether your a home owner or business owner, permitting is something we all have to go through if we want to erect, install, modify, repair or recover a shade structure legally. We can help you with the permitting of your shade structure!

A building permit must be acquired from the correct municipality for any awning or shade structure work to happen on your commercial and sometimes residential property. Erecting a shade structure and some times even the recovering of shade covers require a permit. Your particular municipality will dictate which type of shade structure or awning and in what situations is a permit required or not required.

The typical lead time for review and approval can drastically differ between counties and can take up to 3 months in some cases. Notwithstanding, a permit MUST be acquired before any fabrication or installation work can start if your nearby government requires it. L&J Awnings and Shade Structures are veterans when it comes to acquiring and procuring permits on the behalf of our customers and property owners.

Being a licensed contractor and knowledgeable in the county ordinances and regulations concerning awnings and shade structures we are confident that we will provide you with great service in acquiring your permit for your next project.

For more data on permitting contact us at 407-650-9939 or visit your municipalities website.


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